A Memorable Advert

For the next couple of weeks we are looking at persuasive writing in our literacy lessons, and making great links to Tudors with it! Today we looked at TV adverts, and how amusing some of them are.

Evie Gribben described what an advert needs to be memorable:

It needs some humour and a sprinkle of reality. A catchy super slogan. Catchy Music. And top it off with a thick layer of out of the ordinary. 


Key Skills 24/01/14

This week for key skills:


We have been looking at word problems over the last week, therefore key skills this week is:

1) Make a guide for someone to follow if they were to tackling a word problem. Do this on a separate piece of paper.
RUCSAC (Read, Understand, Choose, Solve, Answer, Check) is a good example of one of these guides. Create your own that you could use!

2) Using this guide (made by you), you now need to solve this problem:

There’s 4.2 kg of flour in a bowl. 500g of sugar is added to it. 1.82kg of butter is mixed in. When the eggs were added the total mixture weighed 7.5kg. How much did the eggs weigh?


How could you check this answer was right?


In Dyson we are currently ensuring everyone is reading regularly! We have the new library up and running in school and have many books in class to read, with a new system of signing in and out. Therefore, this week the key skills is the book review sheet (2 pages) that you received today.

Have a good weekend! 


Elizabeth Woodville Enterprise Trip

An afternoon at Elizabeth Woodville

On February the 5th we have been invited to experience new things at the school, Elizabeth Woodville (Deanshanger) with their Year 7’s.

We will be studying the world of enterprise, we will be selling things, making profits, breaking even and hopefully no loss. All of the children have already received a letter last Friday, and although it was short notice, should have given it in by Monday 20th .

The time that we will leave is just before 12:00 and return by 15:45pm depending on traffic. All children will need to bring a pack lunch on the day.

PLEASE NOTE: No hot dinners will be available for year 5 unless they are not going to Elizabeth Woodville.

Written by: Kansi, Tyla, Evie, Alicia, Kevin and Kasey.

New Objects for Dyson

Today we got… New resources for our class we got a brand new interactive white board! Mr Rees brought in some HIGHLIGHTER PENCILS, Mr Rees tried it out on a piece of paper we could see it from miles away. We also  had got the  new whiteboard pens for are handwriting. With our whiteboard pens we got new whiteboards.
By Tyla, Courtney, Tilli, Radu and Rohan, also Paris.

Key Skills 10/01/2014

Happy new year!

Literacy/Creative Curriculum:

As we are looking at Tudors we are going to look at the Tudor family tree, before we dive into this… At home can you do your own family tree, of your family, ask everyone at home they will inform you of who goes where!

You may have done a family tree before, could it be more presentable? Has their been any new additions?


Today we looked at more complex number sequences… Such as:

3,12, 6, 24, 12, ___, ___,

The two tasks are:

1) Complete the sequence from above.

2) Write your own sequence (a hard one) for somebody to complete at home, try to use a rule that differs from number to number.

Remember, when looking at a sequence, it is easiest to work out the different ways of getting from one number to the next. From here you can notice the little patterns that make the sequence!

As always, key skills is due in on Wednesday! 

Home Learning




At the end of last term, children handed in their home learning regarding our topic, World War 2. Ayisha produced a fabulous model of a camp, the time and effort put into this was phenomenal!

Ayisha's Home learning


Along with this great camp, Ayisha made a great PowerPoint presentation, explaining her opinions on World War 2. Within this PowerPoint she had a brilliant rhyming poem:

Ayisha's poem

Well done to everyone, many of the work handed in could have been displayed here. A sensational effort by all!