The Snowman, an Alternative Ending by Tyla Pritchard

James (the little boy) suddenly woke up an was shocked to see it was still snowing heavily. He quickly unravelled himself out of he tangled sheets and rushed downstairs, to find his mum had slipped and broke her arm. James quickly dialled 999 and asked for an ambulance. As they arrived the kind man asked if James wanted to come with his mum and look after her. When he got outside he noticed the snowman was still alive. As he got into the ambulance he spotted the snowman at the window. James sneakily let him in, when the snowman saw that his mum was in pain his hands started to glow in a weird orangey colour and blasted her arm, When he stopped her arm was perfectly fine! When they got home after a long day James went to bed and the snowman turned into a doctor.


By Tyla Pritchard 

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