Key Skills 06/12/13


What would have happened if the Snowman had not melted? Write an alternative ending, similar to how we did with the Butterfly Lion.


Write ten different fractions of your choice. Write out five equivalents, make sure for each of the ten fractions you choose, you always include the simplest form of that fraction.

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  1. that night when james had gone to bed, he couldn’t stop thinking about the snowman. but he aventualy fell to a deep sleep. the next moring james woke
    up ecstatic to see the snowman. he got up and raced to get out there, but james was still in his pyjarmas. when he got to the front door he slinged it open. then james’s shoulders slumped down because the snowman wasn’t there. james knew that he hadn’t melted because there was no piles of snow anywhere. so james got dressed as quick as lightning, he ran down stairs and said to his mum “going to the shops see yah later” his mum belowed “be back by seven”. I sprinted to all the different places where the snowman had took james in the night. he was thinking where eles the snowman could be. james thought of the train station, he was determend to find the snowman. once james had got to the train station he had to sneek in because you had to have a pass to get in. while james was looking around, he thinking hard . james walked down to platform 4 he saw a train just leaving and it looked as if the snowman was in it. james had no choice to jump on the back of the train. he did and climbed in to the door and ran through all cabins. he found the snowman and sat next to him they hugged. james said to the snowman “did you leave to go to your home”. the snowman shook his head worriedly. then a speaker lady said “we have reached to are destanation”. james and snowman got off it looked wintery there. in the distance james and the snowman saw a cabin/shack but it was massive. it looked like the the north pole they flu then the song would come on[ walking in the air]. once james and snowman had got in they saw SANTA CLAUSE. santa and the elfs clapped. then santa asked james if he wanted to stay with santa.james forgot about his parents and said “yes”. james sleped in the same room as the snowman . the next day all on the radio that his mum and dad died of a house fire. but james and the north pole didn’t have radio so they didn’t here about it.
    so james for the reast of his life he stayed with the snowman, santa and the elf’s.
    THE END.

  2. I will write it on the blog…That’s what I am doing now….So:

    A New Exciting Day

    After the exciting day they had,James went to sleep and the snowman as well but in the garden.When James woke up he quickly went to see if the snowman was still there. Although it was a sunny day, the snowman didn’t melt, he was still there.James quickly dressed and went outside.The snowman suddenly woke up at James call. James told the snowman what they were going to do today.They were going to build other snowmen and have a big snowman party in his back garden.As if he was the most excited person, the snowman jumped in the air as high as he could.They started to make the snowmen for the big party they were going to have.First snowman was so good because it was made by the actual snowman.The second one, which was made by James was good as well.After they made approximately 100 snowmen, the snowmen began to wake up in James garden.After 1 hour, they told every snowman what they were going to do.It was for James mom and dad as well.After they all made decorations, they were ready to invite James mom and dad to the party.James went inside and told his parents to come outside for a party.His parents didn’t understand but, when they went outside they were so surprised and confused.James told them how he met the snowman and this is it.



    1. 10/8 – 5/4 – 2.5/2
    2. 20/10 – 10/5 – 5/2.5
    3. 8/6 – 4/3 – 2/1.5
    4. 100/100 – 50/50 – 25/25
    5. 300/300 – 150/150
    6. 40/40 – 20/20 – 10/10 – 5/5 – 2.5/2.5

    I can’t think of any more… I WILL TRY!!!

    7.80/80 – 40/40 – 20/20 – 10/10 – 5/5 – 2.5/2.5
    8. 1000/1000 – 500/500 – 250/250
    9.2000/2000 – 1000/1000 – 500/500 – 250/250
    10.AND THE LAST ONE:::4000/4000 – 2000/2000 – 1000/1000 – 500/500 – 250/250


    MADE BY::::: RADU

  3. A more exciting adventure

    In the morning after that exciting day with the Snowman, James quickly ran down stairs ready to see the snowman again to play. As he opened the front door, the Snowman was wide awake ready see James too. James leaped towards the Snowman and gave him a large teddy bear hug. Suddenly, the Snowman snatched James’s hand and they both knew what to do…They went up,up into the air like an airplane taking of! After around 5 hours they landed in a small grotto James knew where they were,as for the Snowman he did not. Excitingly, Santa yes Santa, walked down his steep stair case and chuckled,”Ho ho ho!” The Snowman started to recognise this figure,James trotted up towards Santa and then Santa gave him a present, he opened it, and it was a lovely snow glob with a snowman hugging…him. James went to play with all of Santa’s reindeer’s . After a couple of hours James became tired so the Snowman took James home. Although James did have a wonderful time. As before the Snowman stood still and did not reply. James went to sleep. THE END!!! By Lucy Brooks.

    • Equivalents are fraction that are the same.For example and equivalent fraction to 1/2 would be 2/4(if you still don’t understand just time them both by the same number).

  4. When James went to sleep he couldn’t think of anything, just the thought of the snowman. James only could only have 5 hours of sleep because he came back at 1:00.The reason that he could only have 5 hours because he new that his parents would be up by 6:00.The clock stroke hour by hour until ding ,ding ,ding ,ding ,ding ,ding…His parents rushed down stairs with James behind them. Suddenly James was stood there in amassment with his parents in shock. Strait away James came up to the snowman and gave him a giant hug. A sudden noise came behind the snowman it was… A SNOWDOG. James wondered where it came from but then he new it was the snowman. His parents didn’t know what to do they just let James play with the soft and cold snowman not forgetting the snowdog. THE END.

  5. James woke up early he looked out the misty window and saw the snowman, he was really surprised. James then got his clothes on and sprinted down the stairs to put on his boots so he could rush outside. James opened the door and the crisp cold air hit his face he ran into the snow to see the snowman. Slowly as he stood there the snowman twisted round with a big smile on his face, James felt warm and happy to see his friend. After a few minutes they started to play snowball fights with each other. Running, laughing and enjoying being together, they were both very happy.
    James ran inside to tell his parents his friend was here. They came outside the house to meet James new friend. Altogether they enjoyed the rest of the day playing and feeling very happy. James after a long day felt very tired and his dad carried him inside for bed. James went to sleep with a big smile on his face as he knew in the morning when he woke up it would be another great day. Outside the Snowman wrapped his warm scarf round him shut his eyes and went to sleep smiling too.
    By Luke Thomas year 5 dyson

  6. This is how I think the snowman should have ended
    I can’t go to sleep,I keep thinking about the always I went out in the freezing cold and took the snowman into the warm.we tiptoed back to my room. Then I thought where should the snowman sleep? I made him a waterproof bed with a roof to keep his delicate head dry. I started to go sleep when I heared the sounds of dripping it was from the snowman. Later that morning I woke up to a big puddle or should I say river! Then I had a brilliant master plan that I will turn my room into a winter wonderland. The snowman would like that well I actually went well ! I have an icy floor and Icecles hanging from the walls. It started to get cold but I put up with it. That snowman needed cold as he would melt but actually I need warmth else I will freeze. I decided to put on my winter clothes my hat,scarf and gloves but .. They were gone

    By Tilli warren 🙂 hope you like it

  7. After James said goodbye to the snowman he rushed to bed.Just then the snowman suddenly flew up in the sky,James was astonished!When the snowman came back down gliding from the foggy,dark sky in his arms was a puny puppy dog.James shot back outside and went to see the playful dog.The dog then got bigger and bigger,before you knew it the dog was as massive as a horse!James then hopped onto the dogs back as the snowman flew with them.When James’s parents woke up all was there was a little teddy. They were so shocked and they went outside the front garden to look for James,when they got out there James was floating down from the sky and he was waving at the dog and the snowman that were in the bright sky.

    • Ayisha – Essentially you need to replicate the process of Austin’s Butterfly. Choose a specific image/animal/object/picture, draw it at least 6 times, critique it each time yourself. I should be able to order all of he drafts chronologically as they should get better as they go along!

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