The Snowman

As it is nearly Christmas year 5 have started a new topic, which is the snowman. Mr Prosser has decided that we should do the display in the class room. Some of us was doing the snowman that is the main picture on the display wall. Some of us done the letters of THE SNOWMAN, also some people did the back ground for the snowman. Every day Mr Prosser picks a name out of the bag Thomas curry and Leanne peach chosen to eat the first two chocolates, Out of the advent calendar.
This is the snowman.


By Jamie, Ayisha, Dan, Thomas, Luke and Cynthia

6 thoughts on “The Snowman

  1. I love the snow man i love the bit wear they fly over the snowmen because it filles like i am flotting and i am going to seethe snowmen but i cant i am just sittig there it so crazy if you dont belive me dont belive me because your not me are you no your not so you dont have to belive me so there that is why i love the snowman

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