Key Skills 29/11/13


Over the last week we’ve been looking a lot at specific sentence types and how they work. Everyone received the definitions we wrote as a class, with this in mind you need to write a paragraph on something related to your weekend, in the style of a recount. Try your best to include one of every sentence.


Most children received a challenging time booklet, some questions will require a calculator, or heavy calculation! For those who had already completed the booklet:

Have a go at cops and robbers, complete level 3.

18 thoughts on “Key Skills 29/11/13

  1. You said at the end of the maths lesson you would give out the sheets to your class,we(maybe just me) didn’t get it either that or it got lost.

    • That is fine Radu… Here you go:

      Subordinate conjunction = connectives that begin a subordinate clause. For example, but, so, however, also and nevertheless.

      Simple sentence = A sentence that only has one verb, and at least one subject.

      Compound sentence = Two main clauses joined together with a connective/conjunction, such as… therefore, despite the fact, contrary to, but, so, yet, and, nevertheless, meanwhile.

      Subordinate clause = on its own it does not make sense. You need a subordinate conjunction.

      Complex sentence = Contains a main clause and a subordinate clause together.

  2. I can do you a few sentences for main clause and subordinate clause if you like

    While we watched tv , we had dinner.
    after mum had done the washing ,she sat down in pain .
    once I had sat down , I was tired .
    After I had a shower , I settled down for bed.
    are these ok if not speak to me on monday

  3. My weekend!!!
    This weekend I have been at my dad’s house and also, celebrated my mum’s birthday. As well as that, I went out for my mum’s birthday. She had a great time and so did I. Also, I walked to the park. Realising it was my mum’s birthday in a day I got so excited to give my mum her presents. Then, the day came present day. She had a huge pleasant smile.

  4. This weekend,I put my Christmas tree up in the living room.I put it up with my mum and dad,it took about a hour to do but we still completed it though.the next hour or so, my sister came round and slept over till the next day.

    Hope you like it mr prosser 😀

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