Reception Buddies

Reception Buddies
Since we have some new receptions joining the school, we were given the responsibility to look out for them and make sure they are safe. Sometimes we even go and play with them during school hours. We also often play with them at break time. Connecting with their comments, we surprise them by making them laugh, cheer them up when they are upset and comfort them whenever they need us. Also they have a lot of fun.
Our buddies are friends, they make us happy too. They are enjoying their time at Simon de Senlis school and are being encouraged to make new friends. Also, they’re gaining their confidence to meet new children and learning to do new things. The buddy idea was created to give the children a chance to meet their learning target and to get used to our school. Our goal is to make our little friends smile, for them to express their feelings to us, to trust us.

By: Alicia, Evie, Kansi, Kasey, Kevin and Lucy.

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  1. You did very well on your paragraph you’ve really explained how we treat them,with respect and making sure they fit into our school,so well done.

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