The Butterfly Lion Review, by Kevin Guan

Hello my name is Kevin and this is my review of the Butterfly Lion:

The story begins when a young boy escapes from boarding school, during the escape he bumps into an old lady. He noticed a large lion made out of chalk, he then quizzed her about it, about the story.

It all begins in Africa, Timbavati, a boy called Bertie rescues a white lion cub, after his father had shot it’s mother. At this point i know something was going to happen, indeed it did, Bertie’s lion got sold to a circus in France. He got shipped to boarding school, the same boarding school as mentioned before. Bertie follows the same actions as that boy, escapes from the boarding school.

He bumps into the old woman, but younger, her name was Millie and they became friends after he rescued her kite. As a token for their friendship Bertie gave Millie a box kite, she never flew it, as if she lost it she would feel like she lost Betie. The became separated when he joined the army to fight in France, I would would have thought she was heartbroken.

After a month or so, Bertie was shot, yet managed to save two solders in No Man’s Land. He was awarded a Victorian Cross.

Millie found a way to find Bertie and save the lion. They got married and lived a life, then Bertie discovered chalk underground and decided to carve the Butterfly Lion. After completion, everyone died, yet Millie “lived” on, I found this confusing, so this affects my rating, it’s my least favourite part.

The story ends when the boy visits the house again and discovers nothing, but there was Millie’s voice telling him to take care of it. Due to the confusion I give it a 9.5/10 rating, the reason why was beccause the story was very interesting, but a little confusing. You should definitely get a copy!

– Kevin, Simon de Senlis

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  1. Gah! I forgot my favourite part;it’s when he saved the two soldiers,he also said he was awarded it for bravery but,explained to be brave you first have to have a fear which he did not.

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