Key Skills 22/11/13


How else could the Butterfly Lion have ended? Write a final paragraph/chapter.

This will feed straight into our discussion of the whole book next week, on how Michael Morpurgo could have ended the book. 



Every child received a series of 7 pages, with 9 test-like questions. These questions are mostly related to the learning we have been doing over the past two weeks.


23 thoughts on “Key Skills 22/11/13

  1. This is how I think it ended by Ayisha Santos Costa
    The ghost Of MILLIE
    Millie was putting back and tiding the plates away as I sat looking through the window. It had been a while and Millie hadnt returned into the lounge.So I went in the kitchen. But all I could see was Millie’s body laying on the floor. I was shocked I didn’t know what to do . But suddenly a ghost of Millie came out of her body . I ran into the lounge but she said “wait”. So I stopped and turned my head slowly. She said” I’ve been dead for many years i just turn to a ghost at the end of the day” . I don’t know how I’m going to get you back school because I can’t go like this .I said “I walk by my self”. Millie said I want to show you something before you go . Millie took me through her back door into her back garden. In her garden I saw a fairly big hill with a animal on the top. I ran fastest I could ever run to the animal. Then I realised it was the butterfly lion from the story she told me. I walked up slowly and I hugged the lion for so long. But Millie said today he will die because he is on his last legs. After that I was wondering how she knew he was going to die today. I kept hugging the lion. Then I left his head resting on my leg . And after a couple of minutes he died in my arms. When I looked up the ghost of Millie had disappeared. I cried and thought was my fault . At least I met Millie and the lion and they were now together.
    THE END 🙂

  2. this is how I think the butterfly lion ended
    the ghost of Millie looks threw the window and she said “I wish I am buried there,” near Bertie and the white prince as I like to call it. The chalk, white statue wouldn’t make me feel as lonely as I am now. then a strange sound started echoing it sounded like the butterfly lions roar wait… what’s that beautiful thing over there? ITS THE WHITE PRINCE !!!!!!!!!!!! (this is unreal)

    by Tilli warren 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. more added on

    the white prince came over to me and licked my hand ewwww his tongue was so bristly and ruff he had no water I felt sorry for him . Millie looks into the white princes eyes and sees Bertie..Millie soon remembered the time they both had together and so much fun. a large transparent tear fell from the wrinkled eye …. .

  4. This is how I think it should have ended
    THE GHOST of Millie

    Michael Morpurgo went into Millie’s garden all he could see was bordead windows and a box on the table with a kite in it I think it could of been e proved because when he hears the sound of the ghost of Millie they could of poot that Millie has moved somewhere where you don’t know and he went to a hill and there was a pet on the top he thought that was the butterfly lion that Millie read to me and he just stayed there and when he looked back down at her house she was gone so he stayed at the grave of the butterfly lion and Bertie was really scared and shocked and Michael Morpurgo will never ever see her again

    THE END 🙂

  5. Mistery,Mistery in deed.

    Morpurgo Could’nt belive his eyes,in front of the Lion stachue it said,R.I.P The White Prince,R.I.P Bertie Andrews and R.I.P Millie Andrews.Morpurgo thoght to him self, if I spoke to her yesterday how is she there? Someone could’nt of just killed her I would of notist by now.Morpurgo rung the door bell a silenced moment came no sounds just silence.

    Morpurgo shivered,it was aproching night and Morpurgo was cold and tierd so he was going to go back to the school.suddenly a voice,her voice spoke whilst a figuir apierd “please don’t go I have…we have been here the whole time I just never wanted to menchan I was a ghost. Millie questioned “do you want to see it”
    “The Lion.”
    “Yea.” Then Morpurgo saw a glimps of it mounted on the gate.Morpurgo ceked the time and he said “I have to go.” Millie replied,
    “ok you go you don’t want to be late.”
    “Bye.” But she was all ready gone.
    The End!

  6. This is how I think the story could have ended.
    As Murpurgo ran out of school as fast as he could he suddenly felt a slight breeze in the air. Then out of the blue he saw a glamourous Blue box. On the top the big bold blue writing said police telephone box, then…. a big chinned man came out of the box and said “come with me I can show you the universe, I have the power of time travel” Then Murpurgo said before you take me away I have one request, there are these people in the past that I wish to visit. There name is Millie and Bertie, Bertie won the VC in world war II and I wish to meet them. The big chinned man said “Of course I will take you to see them, if you promise me to be my companion for the rest of eternity”. Murpurgo and the strange man went into the box and vanished into thin air. After they landed Murpurgo heard wedding bells and they were as loud as thunder. As Murpurgo opened the humungus heavy doors, Millie suddenly looked as she was walking down the aisle. Then Millie felt like she had seen him before. Once the ceremony was over Millie and Bertie told Murpurgo all about their lives and the Victorian Cross. Murpurgo new this couldnt last forever and knew that it would shortly be time to go, but (a very big but:-) ) he knew that this was the best day of his and life and that he would never forget it.

  7. Morpurgo thought to him self, R.I.P Bertie Andrews & R.I.P Millie Andrews?????
    cookie said” they died like the lion and the lamb, died one after the other.” They all say Millis ghost hornets the house. No family will buy the house because it is to big for all of them house lookers.

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