World War 2

World War 2

Mrs Giles interview

Mrs Giles informed us about rationing ,here are some of the foods and amounts :

Jam 1 pound (per month)

Marge 4 ounces (per week)

Meet wasn’t rationed

Cheese :cheddar or mouse trap cheese (4 ounces)

Loose tea (4 ounces )

Bread (1 dry loaf)

Butter (2 ounces )

Milk 1 pint (per week )

No bananas what so ever

1 egg (per week )

Clean water

However if you live near a farm you will get extra milk or eggs .

Now some clothing ration facts:

Even though you couldn’t save your food coupons you can with clothing rations.

Boys would usually were short trousers or dungarees  and when they are age 13 -14 they can wear long trousers .

Girls would wear long skirts that are waist high and end at your ankles .

World war 2 music

We have no bananas today !

Please listen to this song search it on youtube! Click here 🙂

By: Tilli, Evie, and Tyla




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  1. U all have done a good job of telling us about rationing. If I was to give a wish it would be : U could have told us more about Mrs. Giles. Other than that good job 🙂 😀

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