Key Skills 29/11/13


Over the last week we’ve been looking a lot at specific sentence types and how they work. Everyone received the definitions we wrote as a class, with this in mind you need to write a paragraph on something related to your weekend, in the style of a recount. Try your best to include one of every sentence.


Most children received a challenging time booklet, some questions will require a calculator, or heavy calculation! For those who had already completed the booklet:

Have a go at cops and robbers, complete level 3.

The Butterfly Lion, an Alternative Ending

After I had my delicious scones I put my plate away. The old lady was just about tell me the rest of the story, but I heard a knock on the door. Just then I saw a letter and it said, and I quote:

Dearest Millie,

                   I am so sorry that I haven’t been coming home lately, but the reason is I’ve had a horrible accident. When I went to work I burnt my leg, the one that was shot during the war, with some science chemicals. They might have to cut it off. In a few weeks I will be coming home. 

Lots of love, Bertie x

P.S Tell Morpurgo to stay. 

I didn’t know how he knew I was here, but it’s just one of them things. I gave the letter to Millie, the poor woman she was almost crying. After that disastrous feeling we heard a roar. The statue shattered to pieces, but out came a majestic lion.

By Courtney Davies

Reception Buddies

Reception Buddies
Since we have some new receptions joining the school, we were given the responsibility to look out for them and make sure they are safe. Sometimes we even go and play with them during school hours. We also often play with them at break time. Connecting with their comments, we surprise them by making them laugh, cheer them up when they are upset and comfort them whenever they need us. Also they have a lot of fun.
Our buddies are friends, they make us happy too. They are enjoying their time at Simon de Senlis school and are being encouraged to make new friends. Also, they’re gaining their confidence to meet new children and learning to do new things. The buddy idea was created to give the children a chance to meet their learning target and to get used to our school. Our goal is to make our little friends smile, for them to express their feelings to us, to trust us.

By: Alicia, Evie, Kansi, Kasey, Kevin and Lucy.

The Butterfly Lion Review by Paris Read

The Butterfly Lion is a touching story where a loved lion is stored as a star in a circus! My favourite part in the Butterfly Lion is when they meet each other once again, Bertie and the Butterfly Lion; tear. Although, I didn’t realy like it when the butterfly lion was sold. There would be a little twitch I would improve, it would be the ending. No offence MIchael Morpurgo, since it didn’t really describe the house that much, and you just left it there, in mid-air, for the problem solving. Although, I would rate it 10 out of 10, you earned it!


The Butterfly Lion Review by Kansi Chukwujekwu

The Butterfly Lion is a heart-touching story. It is written by Michael Morpurgo, and illustrated by Christian Birmingham. It has a review from the Sunday Times which reads; Morpurgo writes with a fine mixture of clarity, depth and feeling.

It is about a boy called Michael Morpurgo who runs away from school and meets a lady. He goes to her house, she gives him scones and tea, and tells him a story of a furry friend, Albert Andrews VC and the lady herself, Millie.

The best part is when Bertie is shot in the leg, saves two men and still gets a VC (Victorian Cross).

The part I would call not so good is when they spend ages describing the house instead of cracking on with the story.

If there is anything I would improve it would be the ending, where you do not know who is talking to the boy.

All in all ,I would rate the Butterfly Lion 10 out of 10, since it is just simply sensational.

The Butterfly Lion Review, by Kevin Guan

Hello my name is Kevin and this is my review of the Butterfly Lion:

The story begins when a young boy escapes from boarding school, during the escape he bumps into an old lady. He noticed a large lion made out of chalk, he then quizzed her about it, about the story.

It all begins in Africa, Timbavati, a boy called Bertie rescues a white lion cub, after his father had shot it’s mother. At this point i know something was going to happen, indeed it did, Bertie’s lion got sold to a circus in France. He got shipped to boarding school, the same boarding school as mentioned before. Bertie follows the same actions as that boy, escapes from the boarding school.

He bumps into the old woman, but younger, her name was Millie and they became friends after he rescued her kite. As a token for their friendship Bertie gave Millie a box kite, she never flew it, as if she lost it she would feel like she lost Betie. The became separated when he joined the army to fight in France, I would would have thought she was heartbroken.

After a month or so, Bertie was shot, yet managed to save two solders in No Man’s Land. He was awarded a Victorian Cross.

Millie found a way to find Bertie and save the lion. They got married and lived a life, then Bertie discovered chalk underground and decided to carve the Butterfly Lion. After completion, everyone died, yet Millie “lived” on, I found this confusing, so this affects my rating, it’s my least favourite part.

The story ends when the boy visits the house again and discovers nothing, but there was Millie’s voice telling him to take care of it. Due to the confusion I give it a 9.5/10 rating, the reason why was beccause the story was very interesting, but a little confusing. You should definitely get a copy!

– Kevin, Simon de Senlis

Key Skills 22/11/13


How else could the Butterfly Lion have ended? Write a final paragraph/chapter.

This will feed straight into our discussion of the whole book next week, on how Michael Morpurgo could have ended the book. 



Every child received a series of 7 pages, with 9 test-like questions. These questions are mostly related to the learning we have been doing over the past two weeks.


Half term (a bit late)

Our Special Half Term!!!

It was very special to me because I really love Michael Jackson and my nan and granddad bought me the tickets. When they played thriller the zombies jumped out at us!

I watched the game and I loved it because the Australians had a cut eye and the England man’s split ear. Courtney Laws amazing tackles.

I had walked to the shop with my sister to get the ingredients for my vanilla cupcakes and my chocolate cupcakes. My vanilla cupcakes I made them look like a butterfly witch they were called butterfly cakes.

My animation by Kevin

Over the half term ,I entered my animation into a contest , the prize is a prop from a movie.

Arsenal Vs. Liverpool by Kansi
Over the half term I watched Arsenal against Liverpool. I enjoyed it since if Liverpool won they would be top of the table by 1point. If Arsenal won they would be top by 5 points. It was a big game and Arsenal won. Boo Liverpool and all Liverpool supporters. Their next game was against Brussia Dortmund.

My trip to Birmingham by Alicia Lam

During the half term, I went shopping in Birmingham. We didn’t buy anything though! I liked eating in a noodle bar for breakfast. Because we didn’t buy anything in Birmingham, we bought mostly everything we wanted to buy in Birmingham, on the internet!




Children in Need

Children in need!!

On Friday we will come in to school with a £1 for mufty day to support children who don’t have lives quite as good as ours! The focus is spots and stripes 🙂 Some children have offered to make cakes to sell at school. If you are one of those children could you please remember!

By Lily, Adrian, William, Dzesmina, Celina and Jack

Remembrance Day

Poppy day

Yesterday we went to assembly to watch year 6 perform there poppy assembly. They were talking about France and looking at the poppies. They were telling us about poppy fields. To remember about the solders that have saved us. At 11:00 we had a minute silence to remember he solders. Near to the end of the day we painted a poppy picture. Most of us where either wearing a poppy wristband or a poppy.
Remember, remember the 11 of November .

By Dan, Luke, Thomas, Cynthia, Ayisha and Jamie