Key Skills Half Term


Everyone was given their writing targets today. With these targets you must write a short story which includes a focus on that. For example if one of the targets was to structure all writing into appropriate paragraphs, the story would then contain appropriate and clearly structured paragraphs.



(Apologies for the lengthy explanation)

So far in Maths this term we have looked at the following topics:

  • Place value (tenths, hundredths, etc.).
  • Grid method (multiplication in general).
  • Sequences.
  • Rounding whole numbers.
  • Multiplying by  10/100/1000 and dividing by the same numbers.
  • Adding and subtracting decimal numbers.
  • Different types of numbers; prime, square, factors and multiples.
  • 2d shapes.
  • 3d shapes.
  • Short division/bus stop method.

That is a short run-down, within those we have explored them a lot deeper. Hopefully those titles will allow you to remember. You have 3 tasks to complete:

1. Set 10 (or more) questions for a person at home to complete, then mark these. If they are wrong – can you explain why?

2. Set yourself some questions for 3 topics from above (any of them). Complete and check them so they are all correct.

3. Practise a times table which you are not perfect on. Move on to the next number and practise these.


These tasks are open-ended, therefore you can challenge yourself as much as you feel necessary.

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